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About Meteronic:

  • Meteronic is an ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001 and ISO27001 certified professional manufacturer for electricity meters and smart metering system from China.


  • Make energy management more efficient.


  • Professionalism,Hard-working,Ethical,Respectful.

Quality policy:

  • Accurate & Reliable product.
  • Quality & Satisfactory Service.

Health and safety policy:

  • Safe & Clean,Energy efficient,Caring.
  • Continuous improvement.

Information security policy:

  • Improve the awareness
  • Implement the control
  • Reduce the risk
  • Guarantee the continuity and stability

Contact Us

  • Building 3, No. 2620 Yuhangtang Road, Cangqian street, Yuhang district Hangzhou Zhejiang China

  • +86 571 5787 9843