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Company profile

Hangzhou Meteronic Technology Co., LTD. is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 certified professional manufacturer for electricity meters and smart metering system from China.

HZMTEC is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province. Hangzhou is famous for the Westlake and it is 2.5 hours journey from Shanghai by car.

HZMTEC’s history dates back to 1999 when Zhixing Metering Limited was founded.

In 2007 Zhixing Metering Limited was incorporated into the company that is Hangzhou Meteronic Technology Co., Ltd.

HZMTEC merged with Gettone Tech Limited in 2010 and separated from Gettone in 2016.

HZMTEC is an exporting company and we serve our customers around the world with our professional expertise and integrity.

Electricity metering is our core business and competence. We offer a full range of electronic meters, smart metering products, prepayment metering products, communication devices, meter test bench’s as well as meter spare parts such as meter box’s, module’s, CT’s and transformers.

Our R & D team is composed of 30 engineers led by senior managers with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The strong capability in R & D enables us to carry out R & D projects with our in-house expertise.

Hangzhou Meteronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the ability to complete a project from initial design talks through to R & D, prototype design, production, testing and shipping.

The single phase anti tamper meter MT101 has got the approval from KEMA and UL.

The FNN MT308 meter for Germany has achieved MID B certificates from NMi in the Netherlands.

The prepayment meter MT301KP has got STS approval in 2016.

HZMTEC’s factory has gained the MID D certificates from CMI in the Czech Republic.

HZMTEC has also been a member of the STS association in South Africa since 2011.

HZMTEC is a privately owned company with an open shareholding structure. 

We welcome competent people who can make a contribution to the company’s growth to be a shareholder of the company. With all the shareholders working in key positions of the company, our decision making process is customer and market oriented, dynamic and fast.

HZMTEC Tech Limited is an off-shore company owned by Hangzhou HZMTEC Technology Co., LTD. and registered in Hong Kong. HZMTEC Tech Limited is our foreign currencies settlement account taking advantage of Hong Kong as a free trade region internationally recognised in the world.