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MT358 3P CT Connection Smart Meter


The MT358 three phase CT connection smart meter offers outstanding high accuracy measurement and complex tariff capabilities for use in both commercial & industrial CT or CT-VT operated applications. The MT358-TS2 meter can operate as a standalone unit or as part of a comprehensive metering and MDM system.


  • Wide range: 3x57.7/100V~3x240/415V, 1(10)A
  • Up to 8 comprehensive tariff structure
  • Instantaneous instrumentation values
  • WAN: LTE/3G/GPRS/G3-PLC replaceable module
  • DLMS/COSEM protocol
  • Configurable flexible load profile
  • Internal clock and calendar with battery back-up
  • High security design
  • Anti-tamper and tampering detection
  • Air-upgrade


Load Profile

Load Control

Firmware Upgrade


Data Security


Remote Comm.


Item Sub-item Value
Measurement Active accuracy(kWh) Class0.5S (IEC 62053-22)
Measurement Reactive accuracy(kvarh) Class 2 (IEC 62053-23)
Measurement Measuring and registration - Import/Export Wh, varh, VAh.; - Configuration varh for lagging and leading.; - Four quadrant reactive varh.
Voltage Rated voltage(Un) 3x57.7/100V~3x240/415V
Voltage Working voltage range 3P4W, 3x57.7V/100V: 0.9Un - 1.2Un; 3P3W, 3x100V: 0.8Un - 1.2Un; 3P4W, 3x230/400V: 0.8Un - 1.2Un
Current Basic current(Ib)/ Max. current(Imax) 1(6)A, 1(10)A, 5(6)A, 5(10)A, 5A
Current Starting current 0.001 Ib
Frequency Rated frequency(fn) 50Hz or 60Hz
Power Consumption Voltage circuit 2W/10 VA
Power Consumption Voltage circuit 0.5 VA
Environmental Influences Operating temperature range -40°C ~+70°C
Environmental Influences Storage temperature -40°C ~+80°C
Environmental Influences Impermeability to IEC 60529 IP54 indoor
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61000-4-2 Electrostatic discharges Contact discharge: 8 kV; Air discharge: 15 kV
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61000-4-3 Electromagnetic RF-fields 10Vm and 30Vm
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC/CISPR 22 Radio interference suppression class B
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61000-4-4 Fast transient burst test 4kV
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61000-4-5 Surge immunity test 6kV
Insulation Strength Insulation strength 4 kV 50Hz during 1 min.
Insulation Strength IEC 62052-11 Impulse voltage 1.2/50 μs 8kV
Inputs and Outputs Optical test output LED (red): kWh impulses
Inputs and Outputs Meter constant 10000 imp/kWh, 10000 imp/kvarh
Display Type LCD liquid crystal display
Display Backlit With backlit(Option)
TOU Time of use Up to 8 tariff; Up to 8 time span, 8 typical days, 12 typical weeks, 12 seasons; Up to 200 programmable national holiday and special holidays
Time Clock & Calendar Accuracy 15 Seconds per Month at 23?C
Time Clock & Calendar Backup Time 10 Years without Power (Lithium Battery)
Time Clock & Calendar Daylight Saving Time Option
Time Clock & Calendar Battery 1 Internal battery for RTC; 1 replaceable external battery for power outage display
Communication Interface Optical Interface Optical port IEC 62056-21; Protocol: IEC62056-21 E mode
Communication Interface Serial Interface RS485(option); Protocol: DLMS HDLC
Communication Interface Remote Interface 3G/GPRS/G3 PLC; Protocol: DLMS TCP/IP
Auxiliary Terminals Pulse output Active/Reactive impulse output
Auxiliary Terminals Tariff switch control Tariff switch control output/input
Load Profile Channels Up to 24 channels
Load Profile Integration period 1,5,10,15,30,60 minutes
Load Profile Storage 100 Days (24 Channels, 30-Minute Intervals)
Load Profile Capture object Demand(kW, kvar) ; Energy(kWh, kvarh); Instantaneous value(V, A, W, PF, Phase angle)
Billing & Max Demand Storage 12 sets of Energy/MD billing data
Billing & Max Demand MD mode Block mode or Slide mode
Billing & Max Demand MD value Time and value of maximum demand; Value of cumulative Max Demand
Antifraud protection Events & Tamper detection Sag/Swell; Meter cover open detection; Terminal cover open detection; Magnetic field influence detection; Battery/clock/memory failure detection; Advanced tamper detection and logging; Pre-programmed alarms for meter self-check
Air-upgrade Air-upgrade Local/remote firmware upgrade
Terminal cover Standard 60 mm free space
Weight and dimensions Dimensions 290mm(H) x 170mm(W) x 82mm(D)
Weight and dimensions Weight approx. 1.8 kg